Meet Tanya Mahmood-Vega

Certified Life & Business Coach

Certified Adult Mental Health First Aid, National Council for Behavioral Health

Certified Youth Mental Health First Aid, National Council for Behavioral Health

21 Years of Sales & Administrative Experience.

16 Years Experience in: Day to Day Business Operations, the training of Salespeople, Graphic Designers, Management, Recruitment, Company Start-up, Acquisitions, Budgeting/Bookkeeping, Time Management and Coaching.

Tanya is a Life Coach, Business Coach, and Consultant who believes in the importance of  a balanced life.  She still believes in the old saying that people should, "Work to live; not - live to work." As a mother of two children,  a  business executive, and a business owner, she wants to share how both men and women can really have it all. A positive attitude is essential; but even more so, a good understanding of time-management and what brings you happiness and balance. Tanya enjoys working with different types of clients, and gets the most satisfaction by seeing her clients excel at reaching their milestones, goals, and helping them achieve continued success & true happiness. 

Most recently, Tanya is the Chief  Operating Officer & Principal  Broker of a NYC Real Estate/Development/technology company. She joined the innovative firm to provide day-to-day growth, leadership and management,

She has a wealth of knowledge on recruitment (W2 & 1099), employee Management and managing overall business operations. Additionally, she is a certified Life & Business Coach who has had many years of mentoring, training, and coaching experience. At one time managing 250+ people.  While Tanya does have extensive real estate experience, she has also owned several of her own businesses  within other industries, and has experience trademarking/submitting patent applications; as well as, business plan creation, website design, graphic design & design direction for branding and layout. She offers some of these things through TMV Coaching on a consultant basis.

In short - Tanya began her career at the age of 16, when she worked for a small brokerage firm in the Bronx. She handled both administrative tasks and assisted with real estate listing data. After, she obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Monroe College, she joined Citi Sites in an administrative capacity. Tanya was quickly promoted to office manager at that firm, and after several years gaining valuable industry experience she became Director of Operations for  the first Century 21 branded offices in Manhattan. Later, Tanya joined Keller Williams in 2012 to spearhead the company's first nationally & internationally recognized rental division.

Tanya's extensive and well-rounded expertise, coupled with her "real world" knowledge and her "can do" attitude, greatly complement her clients needs.


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Life & Business Coaching | Career Consulting | Other Business Services

Why Coaching?

It can help with

Balance/Family/Friends/Health & Body/Relationships

/Communication/Setting personal bounderies

*Art Therapy Life Coaching (Workshops/individual)

Career/Team Growth/Money​/Balance/Moving past bad  habits/Time Management/Networking /Communication​ /
Gaining Skills/ Organization

High school Transitioning/College Transitioning/ Goal
Clarity /Resume & Interview Skills/Navigating Office Dynamics/Balance Work & personal/Earning The Money  You Deserve/Breaking Through Barriers/Business structuring

Graphic Design - for both print & Digital/Social Media content creation/Business Cards/Resume & Writing services/Logo creation/Group Coaching



“I had the pleasure of working with Tanya while working as an intern for her. I observed her as a manager and a leader, managing multiple projects at one time. Despite her busy schedule, she always had her day planned ahead. She displayed endless energy, creativity and meticulousness while leading different projects. If I ever get a chance to work with her again, I will not hesitate to do so.”

— Sana Maqsood NY, NY


Life Coaching
Life Coaching isn't   something many people think of as a solution to stress, better relationships,  a healthier lifestyle, a more peaceful mind,  a better live/work balance or even just more life happiness and fulfillment. The fact  is, Life Coaching can help with  it all, but only if you let it. As with anything else that has rewards,  you have to want it bad enough, be prepared to change,  step out of your comfort zone and work hard for it! What is important to you in life? How can you get there?
*Art Therapy Life Coaching now
available (Workshops/individual)
Business Coaching
Business Coaching can be a solution to stress,  building a better business model, cutting costs, having support as a growing entrepreneur, team leader or just starting your career.  Learn how to grow in the ways that will best help you reach your short and long term goals.
What goals are important to you in your career?
How can you get there? 
Do you even know where to start?
It can be much less daunting than you may think!
Career Consulting
Starting your career, or looking to possibly make a switch?  How do you make an industry change, or begin growth in a current one?
Sometimes, the transition from high school to college or from college graduation on, can be very overwhelming. 
Everyone's career path is different and that's where you have to discover what your path is and what outcome you are looking for.
It may seem like its impossible to know where to begin, but with the right coach and guidance the journey can be very exciting!
Other ServicesL
Other services provided are both print and digital graphic design, business card layout/design, logo creation, e-blast creation, Group Coaching sessions, resume & writing services, and Wix/ Squarespace/Wordpress website buildout. Inquire about pricing, and possible  options. 

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